Slot's Straight and Progressive Machines

Slot's Straight and Progressive Machines

Flat-Tops or Straight Machines

The Flat-Tops or Straight machines offer set payoffs on all the hands won, with payoffs proportionately larger for greater amounts of coins played. Thus, a winning payoff on two coins played will be exactly double that for the same winning hand with one coin played.

The one exception is for the royal flush, where a winning payoff on a machine may give you, for example, a 4,000 coin return when five coins are played, as opposed to only 200, 400,600 and 800 coins on a one, two, three and four coin play respectively. All other payoffs are in proportion.

Winning payoffs are posted on the machine, so you can see right off what you're up against.

Progressive Machines

The Progressive machines differ from the Straight or Flat Tops in that when a royal flush is hit with five coins played, the payoff is not a set amount but is based on a progressive total. This jackpot constantly increases until the royal is hit, when it will start gain at a set amount, such as $1,000 on a 25 cent machine.

The progressives can be exciting for jackpots go higher and higher, and now and again, a quarter machine will soar well into the $2,000+ range or even higher. However, like the Straight machines, the full five coins must be played to reap the full reward when the royal flush is hit.

Progressives are of two general types. One type is the local progressive network, where a bank of machines in a carousel are hooked up into the same progressive jackpot. There may be six machines or as many as a dozen or more. The typical winning hand on these machines is a royal flush, and while the jackpots are large, they pale in comparison with the wide-area progressive machines.

The other type of progressives are the machines that are hooked up city-wide or even state-wide. On these wide-area network machines, the jackpot hand is much rarer (and almost impossible to hit), but the progressive jackpots can get to enormous amounts.

For example, the hand needed to win the wide area progressive might be a sequential royal flush, where they royal flush must be hit in order, say left to right, 10, J, Q, K, and A. Having the royal show up in the order of J, 10, Q, K, A, Q, would be all well and good for winning the standard royal flush payout, and is certainly nothing to complain about, but on a wide are network requiring a royal flush in a particular order, it wouldn't qualify for the monster jackpot.

The chances of winning sequential types of royals are similar to winning a lottery, they are astronomical. In other words, don't count your chickens, it's probably not going to happen to you. The disadvantage to playing wide-area progressives with lottery-type jackpots is that the payoff schedules for the regular hands have been adjusted downwards and you'll be playing at a large disadvantage while trying for the big hit. I generally recommend against playing these machines, for to feed the giant jackpot, more coins have to be taken off the small payoffs with the overall result being an unprofitable situation for the player.

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