Planning a Feasible Slot Win Strategy

According to a casino manager in an interview, a slot win strategy fails when the player keeps giving one more shot at the machine before the player finally quits in hopes of winning just one more.

Planning is the antidote to this slot win strategy of getting just one more win. We have to establish once and for all a bankroll limit and an achievement goal. The achievement goal is in terms of profits per hour or plays per hour. We can have both and formulate profits per play per hour achievement goal for a specific slot win strategy.

So our slot win strategy formula or plan would look something like this: bankroll divided by the slots investment per day per hour minus the per session winnings equals the overall profit for the whole slotting escapade. For instance, we plan to play the slots for 3 days. We place a budget of $720 for a 3-day slotting. We plan to spend 3 hours in the morning, 3 hours in the afternoon, and 2 hours in the evening. Then we determine to spend just $30 per hour for this slot win strategy. That's $180 the first two sessions and $60 in the evening, a total of $240 per day. That's $720 for 3 days.

Of the $720 we allow that only $540 goes to losses. That means we can only afford to lose $180 per day. Probably, we just invest $60 each session. Then we note how many winnings we have each sessions. There should at least be 1 to 3 wins each session in this slot win strategy. Keep all the winnings and never re-bet them. If we have a 25 percent gain or $45 a day, that's good enough.

If we want to play really safe, we try a shortened slot win strategy by playing at a quarter machine and limit ourselves by quitting at the end of the time limit set by the machine. This way we leave the game partially a winner or a loser. Then we come back later on. It's better to opt for maximum coin requirement to have a maximum payout rate if we hit with our slot win strategy. We just have to adjust our slot investment formula accordingly.

Planning a feasible slot win strategy should increase our winning odds and save a lot of money in our bankroll. This is one of the most effective ways of beating the slots.

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