How to Make Money With Progressive Slots

Progressive slot machines offer far larger jackpots than ordinary slot machines, and for this reason alone, you might want to try your luck with those machines. With millions of dollars regularly up for grabs in the biggest progressive slot games, it's no wonder why many gamblers are tempted to chase those life-changing jackpots.

Slots purists will often tell you to avoid progressive slots if you are looking for instant, short-term payoffs. Progressive slot machines have the lowest odds and payout rates among all types of slot machines. This is due to the fact that progressive machines have to contribute a percentage of their "earnings" to the jackpot pool.

With progressive jackpots getting larger by the minute, it's naturally tempting to go after those jackpots. But before you do so, make sure that you already have money to play progressive slots. This money should be the bankroll that you are willing to lose since payouts in progressive slot machines are few and far between.

There are several kinds of progressive slot machines. There are stand-alone machines, linked machines and multi-location machines. Before you start playing, choose the progressive slot machine you want. Linked and multi-location progressive machines usually have larger payouts and jackpots than individual progressive machines, so choose the one that has the largest jackpots you can find. Your odds of hitting the jackpot are still miniscule no matter what progressive machine you play, so you might as well play on one that has the biggest jackpot.

Aside from the size of the jackpot, you should also consider the number of reels on a progressive slot machine. More reels mean lesser odds of winning, so pick a machine that has few reels yet with a large jackpot.

The most important rule in playing progressive slots is to play maximum coins at all times. While some gambling strategies tell you to avoid spending your entire bankroll all at once or to bet the minimum amount, this doesn't always hold true in progressive slots. If you don't bet the maximum number of coins, you forfeit your chance to win the jackpot.

Should you happen to win small amounts, keep the money and don't put it back into the machine. Sure, you'll be able to play longer by plowing back your winnings into the machine, but chances are it will never come back to you. Just pocket any winnings you have and play until you've consumed your bankroll. You can also play in several machines to spread out your luck.

Some people say that winning the progressive slots jackpot is just like getting hit by lightning. Your odds of hitting the jackpot may be slimmer than a strand of hair, but it's not an impossible dream. All you have to do is to play wisely, keep your fingers crossed, and you might just go home a millionaire.

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